6 Things (truths) NoOne wants to say about Crop Over!

Stefan Walcott, in this short post, prefaces the next podcast for Music Matters: The Caribbean Edition. Laura and I talk about the Bajan soca industry.


Crop Over is at an end. And here are some uncomfortable truths about it. Note, I am not saying whether these realities are good or bad, just shedding some light.
1. Crop Over is…
not about musicians it is about music.  Musicians are largely on the side when it comes to the festival.  Think about many of the events, how many guys do you actually see playing music?  Even in production, they have been marginalised.  If not for the calypso competition,  they would have died off completely.
2.  Calypso at Crop Over is…
only kept alive by government and kids. Calypso is centred completely on the national festival.  Outside of this, no content is produced.  This competition is, however, a loss-making exercise and if the government would withdraw its large largesse, the art- form, as it is known, would have died along with the cassette tape. The kid’s competition, however, is…

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