PODCAST: The Soca Sessions #1: What is Soca? How do we define it?

ep11Laura and Nigel ask “What is soca? How is it defined?” In the first edition of our Carnival special The Soca Sessions we discuss soca, its roots and surprising similarities to today’s trends with one of the rising producers in the artform and veterans who worked with the inventor of Soca, Ras Shorty I. Modern soca producer and manager Anson Soverall, veteran sound engineer and expert Robin Foster, and pioneering soca producer and composer Joe R. Brown form the panel.

  • Programme Date: 06 January 2019
  • Programme length:  00:43:06

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2 thoughts on “PODCAST: The Soca Sessions #1: What is Soca? How do we define it?”

    1. Warren, that is the problem in a nutshell. If you confused, imagine a global music business partner who not from here. Joe Brown came closest with a concise definition with calypso, and by extension soca “mimicking the music of the day,” Soca is not soca unless there is calypso, and soca is modern calypso, as Mice was quoted as saying.


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