VIDEO: From Young Kings to Where? – Panchayat: A Virtual Research & Arts Symposium

The Faculty of Humanities and Education at the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine, Trinidad held virtual research and arts symposium entitled Panchayat: The Mas(s) in We: (Re)claiming de People’s Festival, on 24-26 February, 2021. The three-day ‘panchayat’ or village conversations explored “the myriad ways that ordinary folk can regain a stake in how the carnival is formulated and celebrated throughout the country. It [offered] them a space to converse about how the festival can be (re)fashioned to mediate the impulses of untethered profiteering, formulaic creative expressions and state policing.”

A roundtable discussion featuring notable stakeholders, creatives and other arts workers on the thematic areas of music was held on the second day to answer the rhetorical question, “The Young Kings to Where?” 

  • Programme Length: 01:00:13 (Begins at 04:25:33)
  • Programme Date: February 25, 2021
Panchayat: A Virtual Research & Arts Symposium Day 2. Courtesy UWI, St Augustine

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