Parallels in the development of Jazz and Ghanaian Brass Band music – a lecture of John Collins

John Collins talks about the connections and interconnections between the jazz in America and African brass music. West Indian music and rhythms also had an early influence of this resulting music. Bottom line, when Black people play music, it enriches the World of music.

News and Noise!

by Charlie Crooijmans

Fela Kuti and John Collins 1977

It is fascinating to see musical changes in society. Sometimes these changes are linked to sociopolitical or economical motivations. Sometimes a culture tries to superimpose other cultures. Or sometimes music from other cultures is just a source of inspiration. It is never a one-way track, but rather back and forth, upside down, and inside out. In this article John Collins is going to enlighten us about the roots and the routes of African rhythms. This is a transcription (edited by Collins) of the lecture held at the World Blend on June 28, 2013, during the Jazz Days in Rotterdam. This World Blend carried the smart title: Bye Jazz, Hello World.
Mind you, this is a long read with lots of pictures and music.

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